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Becca and Zane’s La Crosse Wedding

I LOVED Becca and Zane’s wedding last year! It was so fun and so THEM! They did so much to make their day unique and fit themselves. One thing I loved was that Zane played guitar as Becca walked down the aisle. Talk about sweet! I almost bawled just from them telling me that they were planning that- of course I cry for everything as you know if you’ve read my blog posts before! During they ceremony, Becca and Zane showed their personalities even more by using vows that they wrote themselves. AND they had an outdoor wedding (have I mentioned I LOVE outdoor weddings).

They also did a first look. A first look can save so much time on a wedding day and gives the bride and groom extra time for portraits together. I totally understand that some people want to stick with tradition and not see each other prior to the ceremony, but I cannot say enough good things about the first look.

Anyway, Becca and Zane were adorable and we LOVED being a part of their day.

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