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Jeanna and Josh- Engaged

This was my first engagement of my photo session season and I always work myself up for the firsts. BUT this was an amazingly beautiful engagement session! I LOVED Jeanna and Josh’s portraits. They are such a fun couple and we really had a blast at their session!

I do have another confession…I almost lost Josh’s car keys! (Along with my entire purse-which is my camera bag)!  I often hold on to keys or sunglasses for my couples while we shoot. Anway, we left one location to walk down the road and get more photos. When we got back, Josh told me he needed his keys…that’s when I realized I didn’t even have my purse! Luckily, it was still laying there on the ground where we started about 20 minutes beforehand,  but my mind had went into a panic. I’ll also add,  Josh didn’t ask me to hang onto his keys again after that. Although I haven’t lost anything for anyone yet, I can’t say that I blame him, HA!

Anyway, we really had a gorgeous evening, nearly lost purse and all! We started the night near the Chippewa Valley Museum in Carson Park, then headed down to Bruan’s Bay where we met some geese. After that, we headed over to Pheonix Park for some last shots before the sun went down. I loved the beautiful purple flowers- I’m sure Jeanna knows the name of them, she is amazing with those things- I am not. I call them the “purplish one.”

Josh and Jeanna- you guys are naturals! I cannot wait for your October wedding!

Eau Claire Engagement Eau Claire Engagement Eau Claire Engagement Session Wedding photographer session in carson park pinecone engagement ring kissing fun pose chippewa valley museum engagement 2016-05-19_00082016-05-19_0010

Jeanna’s engagment ring is SO PRETTY!!!

2016-05-19_0011 2016-05-19_0009

The Geese!!!
2016-05-19_0012 2016-05-19_0013 pheonix park engagement shoot pheonix park engagement photography 2016-05-19_00162016-05-19_0018 2016-05-19_0017

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