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Bethany and Travis- Oshkosh Wedding

Wow! What is there to say about Bethany and Travis’ amazing wedding day?! Everything was perfect, even the weather, which for early April in Wisconsin is pretty amazing. It’s like the world knew that these two beautiful souls deserved every possible ounce of good the universe could give them.

I actually did not meet Bethany or Travis until the day of their wedding, though we’d discussed plans via email. Because of personal and family reasons, their photographer (who is an amazing person!) asked me if I would be able to step and in be present for Bethany and Travis’ day. This is the first wedding I’ve captured without Tyler and I have to say, I really missed the natural way we’ve come to work together (as any photographer couple can tell you, you develop some unique workflows and communication when you’ve done many weddings together). That said, the day went beautifully and I was lucky enough to get to work with a second photographer from the area which was a fun change for a day!

But back to Bethany and Travis- they are such kind, sweet and welcoming people! Though we’d only formally met that day, I felt as if we were old friends! Bethany and her girls welcomed me with open arms into their preparation area on the morning of the wedding and it continued throughout the day.

There were so many moments that were special and unique to Bethany and Travis. One that sticks in my head the most is that Bethany’s father toasted the couple with, not champagne, but a glass of milk as they are both from dairy farms. During the toast is when I realized that all the tables also had pitchers of milk so that guests could follow suit. So sweet!!

Bethany and Travis, thank you so much for welcoming me with open arms to be a part of this amazing day of yours!

Here are just a few of my favorites from their beautiful day!

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