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I cannot believe my little niece, Kaylee, is almost a year old already. It seems like it was not that long ago that she was just over visiting to get her newborn portraits done. She was the cutest little newborn and I remember thinking she couldn’t be any sweeter. But then I got to do […]

I couldn’t believe how beautiful of a day it was this past Sunday! It felt more like late September than early November. Of course, I was completely great with that. ┬áNot only was the day stunning and perfect, but we just happened to have my sweet friend Jen’s family photos scheduled for that day! November […]

My boys are so lucky to have such a sweet, amazing extended family! One set of their great grandparents lives several hours away, but we try to make it there a few times a year with aunts, uncles and cousins. The boys love helping clean up apples that fell off the apple tree. And every […]

I was so excited to share this one with you, that I figured I forget my usual plan and do a second blog post in one day! I got to meet with three beautiful families for mini sessions this past weekend! My favorite thing about the mini sessions was seeing how different every family that […]

I have been SO fortunate to be able to get photos of this family every year! I LOVE hanging out with and and watching the kids grow, but I cannot believe how big they are getting! Autumn is SO personable, and in FIRST grade soon! Not to mention has gotten several trips from the tooth […]

I cannot believe Kaylee is already six months old!!! She has only gotten cuter and sweeter- which I would have never guessed possible! Big brother Carsen wasn’t super into having his photos taken this time around, but he really was a busy being concerned about what bugs might exist in the tall grass. Kaylee was […]

I’ve had a chance to take photos of Rachel and Dan’s boys for a few years now so when Rachel asked me to take family photos for a group I was so excited!!! We decided to go to Rod and Gun Park because we had our photo session at 10am- which is a very sunny, […]

Last weekend, little baby Kaylee, my niece, was born. I was lucky enough to get to go to the hospital to meet little Kaylee, and just as anticipated, she is beautiful. Yesterday, her mommy and daddy (and big brother Carsen, too) brought her over for snuggles. Okay, they brought her over for newborn photos. But […]

Yesterday we had an impromptu session with my boys. Somehow they still don’t mind when I tell them we are going to take photos. However, they are definitely my toughest subjects EVER. Being that I’m their mom, they push the limits with me in a session FAR more than they would with someone else I […]

So, I met up with Lindsey and Jerad at Beaver Creek for their maternity session the other night. The sun was shining perfectly and the weather was beautiful, but mostly, we just had a lot of fun (as evidenced by the American Gothic style picture…complete with the addition of a chicken). Lindsey is due in […]