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The boys were so excited to take some “field trips” this week. I have to admit, even though I LOVE tball and enjoy Landon being in sports, I am SO relieved when it is done so we can do this kind of stuff without worrying about being anywhere by 5pm. This week so far, we’ve […]

I LOVE 4th of July. It is probably tied with Christmas as my favorite holiday EVER! BUT the July temperatures definitely have Christmas temps beat at least! One of my current favorite things about Independence day is that we host it at our house. We are lucky enough that the 4th of July parade goes […]

We didn’t start to hit up Music in the ParkĀ (the Sounds like Summer concerts) for the first time late last summer and we immediately fell in love! We have been waiting for summer to start again so we could finally go enjoy so music and treats as well as a relaxing evening walk with the […]

It can be so hard to decide what to wear for a photo session, and sometimes there seems to be extra pressure to choose the PERFECT outfit for your engagement photos. After all, for most people, these are typically the first professional portraits you’ve had of just the two of you! Here are some tips […]

My middle son, Ascher, turns three! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday that we were in the hospital cuddling a newborn. He is definitely his own person now. He can be a little stinker half the time, and the other half the time he is the sweetest […]

I was super excited when Hilary contacted me for an anniversary session and even more excited when we found a time to make it work!! I met Hillary and Matt when Hillary was a bridesmaid in Heidi and Ryan’s wedding this past April and it is always so much fun when I get to see […]

Sarah and Grant were married on a beautiful Wisconsin fall afternoon. And everything about the day was SO THEM! Sarah did a first look in her hotel room with her dad and brother, which I LOVED. It’s always so great when fathers are included in these things and you could really tell how much Sarah […]

I got to hang out with Hunter and Devin tonight who are 5 and 3 years old. My oldest two boys are five and almost three and it was so funny to watch these two together because it was JUST like hanging out with my own boys. I also learned the Red Power Ranger is […]

This is it. The grand prize. The most beautiful thing that someone will own. This is the Nostalgia Kit. It is a stunning box made by Amish craftsmen, just checkout how perfect it looks! It’s made for holding images and other memories; it comes with little vials and stoppers to hold anything small that you […]