Landon is turning six!

It honestly seems like it is IMPOSSIBLE since it was that long ago that Tyler was at work (over an hour away) and I called my mom to come sit with me. I tried to convince myself I wasn’t in labor. She finally looked at me and asked if I was planning on calling Tyler. I tried to stay in my state of denial by calling the hospital, telling them I thought I was in labor and my symptoms. Looking back. I’m pretty certain I was hoping they’d tell me I was in WAY early labor (like..”see you in a couple weeks, honey!”) Or that I just was feeling normal late pregnancy symptoms (well..I guess labor IS a normal late pregnancy symptom…)

Nope…they told me that I could come in whenever or wait at home a couple more hours. HOURS? That was it? I was NOT ready! I called Tyler and he was home in basically a blink (let’s not discuss how fast he must have had to drive). About 6 hours after we checked into the hospital, we met our first, wonderful baby boy.

He is amazing, though admittedly, often overwhelming. I cannot believe I am going to wake up in the morning and have a six year old. SIX! Time keeps flying as fast as they day he was born flew. He’s six….this snuck up on me faster than my labor snuck up on me six short years again. And still- I’m NOT READY! But he so is.

Love you, baby boy.

(…he hates when I call him that….but I just can’t help it)


Here is a peek at his birthday party this past weekend. We had to head inside halfway through due to the rain (thunderstorm) coming fast, but it didn’t stop his fun one bit.



Cousin Carsen and Jude, of course, had to make a blog appearance today too. Carsen kept telling Landon to not worry about the thunder. “It’s just fummer, Landon! It’s OK, just fummer!.” Landon, however, strongly dislikes “fummer.”


“Uh-oh, here comes the storm.”

2016-06-05_0003 2016-06-05_0004 2016-06-05_0005

Jude seems to have enjoyed his cake.

2016-06-05_0006 2016-06-05_0007

I may have pushed my camera on this one…but he is SO happy, I couldn’t care if it isn’t the “best” technical photo. He has been begging for a scooter for months and we got him one for his birthday. I’m sure I will very soon regret my decision….

2016-06-05_0008 2016-06-05_0009

Every 6 year old boy gets legos. Here he is in the lego aftermath. This lasted hours. HOURS.

2016-06-05_0010 2016-06-05_0011 2016-06-05_0012

Landon’s sixth birthday

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