I include an engagement session with all of my weddings because I feel it is SOOO important! An engagement session allows us to spend time together, to get to know each other and have fun (yes, I promise, we have a blast!) But even more importantly, having an engagement session will make your wedding day run even smoother!

1. Practice!

Your engagement session is like the pregame for your wedding! It allows us time to practice the poses that I will run through on your wedding day.  Though I mix it up a little here and there, I do have a basic “set” of poses that I start with. You will have these DOWN by the end of the session. This allows for us to move quickly on the big day without feeling anxious or rushed. You’ll already know what you are doing and we will already work SO WELL together by that time!




2. Confidence

Seriously- whenever you practice something you feel better about it right? Trust me, that includes your wedding photos! Your engagement session will not only allow for us to have that practice time prior to the wedding, but it also gives me a chance to watch you and see which poses you two really NAIL so I know what will make you look best and feel best of your wedding day. And you will KNOW you look awesome because you’ve done it once already. Who doesn’t love looking and feel confident?!

Eau Claire Engagement kissing fun pose Eau Claire Engagement

3. Comfort with your photographer and the camera

Of course it is no surprise to you that you are hiring your photographer to take photos of you and  your groom on your wedding day, but sometimes a camera following you around for 8-10 hours can be overwhelming. If we have already worked together for your engagement session prior to your wedding, you will know how relaxed I am and that will help you two relax more and enjoy your day. Honestly, I spend more time with the bride and groom than almost anyone else during the entire day, you really need to feel great about your photographer!

I also use the engagement session as a time to get to know my couples on a more personal level. Usually before the engagement session, we’ve discussed the wedding, your colors, maybe the number of people in your bridal party. BUT I LOVE the engagement session because it’s so much more than that. The engagement session is where I really get to know and befriend my couples. I love hearing about your quirks as a couple and sharing silly stories about my husband and I or my kiddos. I love joking around and being silly with you as I explain the next pose. I love learning about YOU and your relationship. Not only is this learning just a plain fantastic experience, but it is also helpful for be as a photographer because I already understand the two of you and the way you interact before I even take the first photo on your wedding day. And that makes both our days run even smoother!

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Why you should have an engagement session

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