Jeanna and Josh- The Barn on Stoney Hill Wedding

Where do I even start with Jeanna and Josh’s wedding?! EVERYthing was amazing! From the fact that the rain actually stayed away most of the day, to the stunning barn, to all the unique details of tree-themed wedding- the day was completely perfect for them!

We started the day at Irvine Park where Jeanna and Josh met for their first look. Josh chose the first look spot- an old wooden bridge. By the way, I’m terrified of bridges, but this was worth it! Beautiful! And the trees in the park were definitely at their peak this past weekend.

Jeanna and Josh had their ceremony at the gazebo in Irvine park. We were worried that rain would try to damper the day, but it never came! One of my favorite things about the ceremony was that they had “tree bearers” instead of a flower girl and ring bearer (and they were SO CUTE!). Jeanna and Josh watered the tree with water from their parents’ homes and they will eventually plant the tree when they move into their permanent home. That was one of my favorite “unity” ceremonies that we have ever witnessed!

We also had the opportunity to take some photos in Phoenix Park. Afterwards, the wedding party went to Lazy Monks and The Firehouse prior to heading up to the barn.

When Tyler and I pulled in at The Barn on Stoney Hill, it almost literally took our breath away! It is SUCH a beautiful place! The reception was gorgeous, but one of my favorite parts wasn’t even the decorations- it was the cakes! Josh and his uncle made ice cream cakes the Monday before the wedding. What an amazing personal touch, not only to make your OWN wedding cake, but ICE cream wedding cake?! LOVED it!

Jeanna and Josh had an amazing day. Enjoy some of our favorites from their beautiful day!


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Jeanna, her sisters, and her aunt each wear one of Jeanna’s  grandmother’s rings.

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Florist- Christensen Floral; Chippewa Falls, WI  

Ceremony- Irvine Park

Reception Venue- The Barn on Stoney Hill

Dress- David’s Bridal

Ckae: Mauel’s Sunshine Dairy; Owen, WI

Catering: Famous Dave’s; Eau Claire, WI


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