I LOVE first looks! In fact, you can read more about why I think so they so great here!

I want to share with you two other kinds of first looks that you can do, not in place of a bride and groom first look, but in addition to it.

The first is one that I adore and will happen naturally at some point in your day, anyway. It is the father-daughter first look. These are such emotional moments. A great idea is to schedule a time and meeting place with your dad the same way your would set up a first look with your groom. This allows for the best images possible of these amazing moments instead of having them happen spur of the moment in or near your getting ready room. I have had brides give their fathers small gifts at this time, too, to just show how important he will always be in her life. My favorite father gift given at a father-daughter first look was a handkerchief embroidered with a meaningful quote. This added sentiment and emotion to an already touching moment. And yes, I cried.

Another great kind of first look is a bridesmaid first look! This can be a full on first look where they all come in the room after your mom, or maid of honor help you with your finish touches. I have also seen brides do a simpler version of the bridesmaid first look; in this version they maids stay in the room while the bride gets ready, but the bride turns around to face them for a big reveal after she’s put on her final touch (usually a necklace or earrings). Either way, it’s a touching and beautiful moment between friends and I love it!.2016-10-02_0014 2016-10-02_0015 2016-10-02_0016 2016-10-02_0017 2016-10-02_0018 2016-10-02_0019 2016-10-02_0020

Other first looks

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