First off, I have AMAZING clients! I always love to see the outfit choices and locations ideas that they have for their sessions, picking out clothing is a SUPER important part of preparing for you engagement session, but there are other, often overlooked items that I want to share with you today.

The purpose of the engagement session is to have FUN and for us to get to know each other better. You will also learn so much about posing and how we work together so that on your wedding day, you will be SO ready to rock your photos! Make sure you book your engagement session at least 2 month prior to your wedding. Some couples like to choose the season based on their wedding (by picking the opposite season so they have more than one type of background OR choosing a similar season to have a theme).

Once we’ve set up your session and it is coming up, there are a few things you can do to help prepare!

  1. Outfits
    • I know, I mentioned this already, but it is super important. I suggest choosing two outfits, one that is dressier and one that is more casual. With the dressy outfit, feel free to go ALL OUT. I mean, when is the last time that you guys had professional photos together. I suggest starting the session in your dressier outfits! Remember coordinating outfits, styles and colors is GREAT, try to avoid MATCHING. Feel free to wear bold jewelry or scarves! And remember, if you don’t feel comfortable in an outfit, that will show in your photos, no matter how stylish it is. Pick something you feel AMAZING in!2016-10-11_0002
  2. Prepare Your Groom
    • This might sound silly, but it’s a big deal! If you think you don’t know what to expect out of an engagement session, imagine how your fiance feels! I’ve learned that many future grooms are under the impression that our engagement sessions will be just a few quick photos and then a couple of your holding out that amazing ring he got you. You want to take some time to make sure that he knows what he is about to experience with us! This sets expectations and prepares him for the style of shoot we’ll be leading him through.2016-10-11_0006
  3. Be on Time
    • I’m sure you were planning on this already! But just an important reminder. Our session times are set around sunset so if the session gets off to a late start, we can’t just shoot later into the evening to make up for it. If something happens beyond you’re control, I get it, that is LIFE! Just shoot me a message so I know and we will work with what we have.2016-10-11_0005
  4. Clean the Ring
    • This is one that a lot of people might not think of. I love to take a few shots of that gorgeous ring. I will probably borrow the ring while you are changing to get some nice close ups. You can clean it at home or bring it to where it was purchased and ask them to clean it for you. Get that sucker to shine! 😉2016-10-11_0007
  5. Location
    • I always enjoy helping my couples choose a location, but if you have a location that is important to you, let’s think about how we can incorporate that! Stuck trying to come up with ideas? Is there a place that you might have access to that is unique? Maybe some family land that is pretty or a farm. These are just ideas- public parks are GORGEOUS, too! 2016-10-11_0003
  6. Hair and Makeup

    •  This is the fun part! What other opportunity will you have to get your hair and makeup done besides your actual wedding day? You have invested thousands of dollars into this experience and so I want to  encourage you to make sure that they feel your absolute BEST for your engagement session. If you don’t love doing your own hair and makeup, this may be the perfect opportunity to give professional hair and makeup a shot!2016-10-11_0004
    • Another tip- if you do choose to do your own makeup (and obviously, this is totally fine), you may want to consider applying eye make up just a litter heavier than normal for your photos.
  7. Trust your photographer
    • I might ask you to stand in a place that seems odd. I probably will ask you to do things that don’t feel “normal.” I mean, let’s be honest- how often do you sit and pose in your kitchen while cooking dinner?!  It doesn’t feel normal because it isn’t. You’ll just need to trust your photographer that it looks GREAT. It’ll take 15-20 minutes to really start to feel comfortable in front of the camera and that is totally normal!!! Just enjoy, go ahead and laugh when you feel silly, and let’s have a great time.

That’s it!!! Preparing for your engagement session is actually so easy! When in doubt, just ask your photographer and be yourself.I hope that your found these tips and suggestions useful! 2016-10-11_0001

Preparing For Your Engagement Session

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