River Falls, WI Wedding at Kilkarney Golf Course | Amanda and Chris

It’s really hard to explain just how much we love these two. They have every characteristic of the perfect Alisha Marie Couple and then some! They are relaxed, trusting, energetic, funny and very much in love! And that doesn’t even begin to describe Amanda and Chris! Humble, compassionate, loving…I seriously could just list adjectives that describe how great they are this entire blog post and still not do them justice. One of my favorite parts of the day was the start of the ceremony. Chris actually turned the the bridesmaids and said, “Oh, wow!” when he saw his stunning bride walking down the aisle. Of course, if she wasn’t tearing up already before that, she certainly was after (as was I!!!).

Amanda and Chris had a traditional Catholic mass for their ceremony at St. John the Baptist Church in Plum City, Wisconsin. The church was beautiful, but nothing compared to Amanda on her wedding day! She literally took my breath away! She couldn’t have worn a dress that was better for her and her cathedral veil was so beautiful and elegant. Amanda and Chris opted to not do a first look, but instead, prior to the ceremony, Amanda chose to have a first look with her father. SO sweet! Talk about things that make me tear up! Father-daughter first looks always get me!

After the ceremony, we got the pleasure of driving out the Kilkarney Golf Course  in River Falls, Wisconsin. Let me just say, if you’ve never had the chance to go there, add it to your list! And as if a perfect couple, perfect venue, (AMAZING bridal party), and stunning moments weren’t enough- The weather was beyond perfect and the evening light was sooo good!

I could seriously write about these two and their perfect day for hours, but instead, here are a few of my favorite images from their day. Enjoy 🙂

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Every woman should find a man who looks at her like this: (both her father above and her husband below, Amanda is blessed)

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Seriously. Sweetest little note ever. And couldn’t be more true!

2016-10-23_0052 2016-10-23_0053 2016-10-23_0054

Amanda’s dad MADE these chargers from trees off their land. Amanda’s parents also made the maple syrup, one of their favors.

2016-10-23_00792016-10-23_0076 2016-10-23_00552016-10-23_0077

Rose, Amanda’s mom made this cake!! SO pretty!

2016-10-23_0056 2016-10-23_0057 2016-10-23_0058 2016-10-23_0059 2016-10-23_0060

Amanda shared with me that her grandfather (who is no longer with us) bought this car and it meant a lot to him. I LOVED that she asked for this photo.

2016-10-23_0061 2016-10-23_0062 2016-10-23_0063 2016-10-23_0064 2016-10-23_0065 2016-10-23_0066 2016-10-23_0067 2016-10-23_0068 2016-10-23_0069 2016-10-23_0070 2016-10-23_0071 2016-10-23_0072 2016-10-23_0073 2016-10-23_0074 2016-10-23_0075 2016-10-23_0080 2016-10-23_0081 2016-10-23_0082 2016-10-23_0083 2016-10-23_0084 2016-10-23_0085 2016-10-23_0086 2016-10-23_0087 2016-10-23_0088 2016-10-23_0089 2016-10-23_0090 2016-10-23_0091 2016-10-23_0092

Ceremony | St John the Baptist Catholic Church 

Reception Venue | Kilkarny Hills, River Falls, Wisconsin

Dress | Oleg Cassini; David’s Bridal

Flowers |  A Cord of Three Wedding Rentals

DJ | Showtime Entertainment

Groom and Groomsmen attire | Randy’s Menswear – Alexandria, MN

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