We had a lazy Sunday at home today. I walked out back to find Tyler putting a tire swing on our tree for the boys! Landon was gone at a friend’s house (and when did he get big enough for that?!) so it was just four of us. The younger boys LOVED watching Dada hang the tire swing. It was so much fun watching their anticipation.

Of course, during the process, they got bored. Jude discovered a walnut, which was especially interesting since we don’t have a tree that would make walnuts haha. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. Of course.

Until the swing was finished of course!

Ascher had some MAJOR initial disappointment. He told Tyler that the swing was built incorrectly. Apparently it was supposed to be parallel with the ground so everyone could sit on the edge at once. He was ok with the design once he got a change to try it out ;). The funny thing though, was that Landon said the EXACT same thing as soon as he got home from his friend’s house! These boys are on the same wave length.

Enjoy a glimpse into our Sunday.

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Tire Swing

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