Briana and Karl ~Wisconsin Wild Ridge Wedding~

Wow! I don’t have a better word to describe Briana and Karl’s wedding day than just simply wow!

There are so many things during the day that “wow” describes. First, the weather! I checked the forecast so many times (I mean SO, SO many times) and every time I looked the entire forecast was stormy. Karl and Briana even decided to rush the ceremony a bit due to the giant storm moving in on the radar! The storm was due to hit STRONG in the middle of the ceremony! It started sprinkling just before Briana walked down the aisle, but then, I have no idea why, it simply stopped! The storm disappeared with no signs of any more rain the rest of the day. Completely amazing!

Other wows during the day- Briana and Karl’s daughter, Charlotte, oh my GOODNESS could she be any cuter!? She is literally the happiest child ever and was such a joy to be around during the day! Another wow- the scenery! Everything was simply breathtaking! And talking about gorgeous, the lace and vintage theme that Briana put together, it was absolutely stunning!

The most “wow” thing of the day though, was just simply how perfect Briana and Karl are together! Enjoy a few of my favorites from their beautiful day!


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