Tyler and I rarely get to travel alone together. In fact I don’t know if we have went anywhere alone since our Honeymoon…10 years ago. However, we just booked our anniversary trip and we could NOT be more excited!

We booked our trip through Pack Up and Go , they are a “surprise travel agency.” Basically, this means, you have NO IDEA where you are going, you just go! We haven’t even went on the trip, but when I talk about them, I can’t help but rave already. I sometimes think I sound like they paid me haha!!

It is SO easy, too!

We started by just setting our budget, they have both road trips and plane getaways. We booked a plane destination. For that, they have budgets from 650/person up to thousands of dollars. If I’m being 100% honest, we booked on the lower end of the budget spectrum. I have zero doubt that they will make the best of it for us.

Once we set a budget and choose our method of travel, we just had to tell them what dates we’d be traveling and then fill out a short questionnaire about our likes and interests. There was also a spot to let them know of any recent cities we’ve traveled to so that they can avoid sending us there. Of course…that was a short list for us haha! We are hoping to change that soon!

That’s it, we are done, paid for, and waiting for our trip in July! A week before our trip, they are going to email me a packing list and a forecast for our destination.

We will get a package in the mail from them a few days before our scheduled trip (they don’t book in foreign countries so no worrying about if you need a passport or not). The envelope also includes an itinerary with suggested activities and places to eat based off the survey we’ve filled out. We just show up at the airport at the time they say and THEN we get to open our envelope to find out where we are traveling! I CAN’T wait!

Our Anniversary Trip

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