Let’s face it, wedding days can be stressful! 

You plan and plan for this one perfect day, it is a lot of pressure! You want to remember this day as everything you’ve been dreaming of and you want all your guests to have the best time. Here’s a bonus tip: if you let yourself relax, you will only have amazing memories and your guests will have the very best time! Honestly, almost all of my couples have a very stress free day because we work together before their wedding to make sure they can spend as much time as possible simply being in the moments with one another

Here are some important tips to help take some stress off of your big day:

1. Create a Timeline

This one is HUGE! It also can feel overwhelming when you sit down to start. I recommend starting from the ceremony time and working backward to get to the start of your day. Consider if you are doing a first look, if you will have a bunch of family portraits or just a few. Are you traveling to more than one location (ceremony, photos, reception venue)? These are some things to think on while creating your timeline.

Why is a timeline helpful? Having a even a rough idea of when you need to be where outlined well in advance of your day will keep you from constantly trying to manage the time on the day of. Give the timeline to your maid of honor and your photographer, they will watch the clock for you so you can enjoy more moments.

2.  Let the Professionals Help

Trust your photographer, and other experienced vendors. When we tell you that we’ve seen it all, we aren’t joking! We want you to have the best possible experience on your wedding day, not only is it our job, most vendors genuinely love seeing a happy bride. I’m one of them, nothing makes me happier than just watching my couples glow with happiness on their wedding day.

Let me suggest locations. Let the DJ give you some ideas for how to have you reception go off without a hitch. We are all on your team!

Obviously, as your wedding photographer, I want to know your thoughts, but I also don’t want you to feel like you need to plan each individual pose. that is my job! You have enough other planning to do, I will come up with spots at your location that allow for beautiful light and use poses that best flatter you and your groom. You just smile, laugh, and enjoy your day.

3. Give Yourself Grace

You’ve been planning this perfect day for a year, maybe more, let’s be honest,  there are some parts of this day that you’ve been envisioning your whole life. It’s hard not to feel all that pressure on your day. Your wedding day is supposed to be perfect! And for the most part, it will be!

Remember no matter how perfect your day is, there will probably be small hitches. It’s OK! Try to have your family or bridesmaids (or even your photographer!)help you deal with anything that needs to be dealt with and let go what you can let go of. Most small hitches on a wedding day are just that- small. Sure they feel huge and frustrating in the moment, but at the end of the day, you are still married to the love of your life.

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Three Tips for a Stress- Free Wedding Day

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      Thank you so much!! It took so long to find my editing style, but now that I do I loove it! And it doesn’t hurt when brides choose wedding colors that go with my brand 😉

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    These are awesome tips! And your photos are beautiful!

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