Kateri and Tony had the most stunning winter wedding. It was a January day, which can definitely go either way weather wise in the Midwest, but it was the most perfect day! The sun kept shining, the air was just right, but even if the weather weren’t perfect, the day still would have been. These two simply glowed for one another. The way Tony lit up every time Kateri was near, it’s hard to put into words, but to say she was made for him and he for her would be a start.

This wedding brought me so much joy! Kateri and Tony were able to be married in a gorgeous historic church outside St. Paul. One of my favorite things about their wedding was a tradition the church has- after they were announced husband and wife, they got to ring the church bell announcing their marriage. I have never seen that before at a wedding, and I just loved it! I wanted to jump up and down for them as they rang the bell because everything just screamed happiness and joy.

I am so excited to get the rest of these images to this amazing couple, but I want to share a few of my favorites with you first!

Kateri and Tony- I wish you a lifetime full joy! And if your marriage is anything like your wedding day, I’m sure that joy will come easy.


Kateri and Tony’s Winter Wedding

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