They originally planned their wedding for this upcoming August, but this past winter, I got a text from Hailey asking if I was available May 22 because they were hoping to move their wedding up to a new date- and a new location. And I am SO GLAD that I was able to say yes because THIS WEDDING was the stuff of dreams!

Hailey and Dakota originally had their wedding booked at a local traditional venue- which would have been gorgeous, but as they worked through the planning process, they realized they weren’t planning everything the way the wanted and dreamed. So they opted to downsize and rent and AMAZING lakeside VRBO in Bruce, Wisconsin. It was so perfect for these two and it was simply gorgeous. Everything had an extra touch of love in it, from the s’mores bar set up in the reception (yup. it was amazing) to the dance floor that Hailey’s dad MADE.  Every photographer knows that sometimes you just have “those” weddings, the ones where the family makes you feel like a member of their extended family- and this was one for the books.

Tyler and I completely fell in love with this wedding- as if I didn’t adore Hailey and Dakota enough! I need to share some favorites here with you so you can see why this wedding was so perfect.



Hailey and Dakota’s Intimate Lodge Wedding

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