Helen and Aaron had the most beautiful wedding!  A week prior, the heat index was just about 100 degrees, a day prior, there were so many thunderstorms you could barely see anything outside! Their day? Perfectly perfect for a summer wedding. Mid 70s with a nice breeze of the lake and sunny all day.

This all made up for their engagement session which we held at the same location- it was one of the most overcast sessions I’ve shot in a LONG time. It was still gorgeous (especially given the family’s beautiful lakeside lodges), but it was even more beautiful with the perfect day and sunny weather this time around.

I could not have had a better time at Helen and Aaron’s lakeside wedding in Birchwood. Their family welcomed us in and treated us like one of their one. There were so many laughs and heartfelt moments that it’s touch to pick my favorites of the day. For example- speeches. Sometimes you look forward to them, and sometimes (one the best man has had a few too many)- they drag on and you are not sure what just happened. This was DEFINITELY a case that the speeches were not just something to be looked forward to, but something to be cherished. Each speech had moments that made me laugh (Helen- your sister’s story about cutting her leg! I cracked up so hard!) and each speech had a moment that made me tear up (Aaron’s dad… got me right in the heartstrings). This is only only example of so many perfect moments throughout this day.

AND on top of all that, I got to experience my first Hora dance. It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding! To put it in perspective- we have A LOT of polka dances here in Wisconsin and they are always exhausting and so much fun, but the energy and joy that were present when the family and guests participated in the Hora was something I’ve never seen! To say I loved it, well it’d be a huge understatement!

All that said- please take a few minutes to enjoy just a “couple” of my favorite images from Helen and Aaron’s most perfect day!


Venue: Private location

Dress: Raffine Bridal

Florals: Bonnie’s Florist 

Caterer/Cupcakes: Cookin’ Up A Storm

Favors (Campfire Roasters)- Etsy

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Menswear: Mens Wearhouse

Videographer: Exist Media

Helen and Aaron – Wedding on the Lake

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