Where do I even start?!?!

These two! They are everything! They are the kindest, sweetest souls, they are SO MUCH in love, and they LOVE some good music! Every wedding I feel like I fall in love with weddings all over again because I always see how much the couple takes the day and really truly makes it their own. BUT Taylor and Nate took “making it their own,” next level in the best way possible.

These two met at Rock Fest in Cadott before Fest Valley events was a wedding venue on the same grounds. When the wedding venue opened and these two were planning a wedding it was like fate. People joke all the time about getting married where they met, but these two REALLY got to do that. On the fest stage and all!

And another thing I fell in love with- Their cocktail hour- It was A ROCK TALE hour! They only played songs from bands they have seen live in concerts together. Which of course made for some super unique cocktail hour music, but it just made me fall even more in love with these two and their day.

Mostly- I just fell in love with Taylor and Nate. I hope to everything I can run in to them at the next Rock Fest and buy them a drink because these two are people I want to keep around in my life.

I could keep bragging on them, but instead, I will show you their awesomeness with a few of my favorites from their day.


Taylor and Nate- Rock Wedding at Fest Valley Events

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