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Owner, lead photographer, and professional hug-giver of Alisha Marie Photography

Hey, you! I am SO glad you are here!
I started my photography journey taking a class in high school. I would have never thought I'd end up being a wedding photographer! I just liked still life and seeing what rules I could follow or bend! Now though, I couldn't imagine photographing anything else. The joy that comes on a wedding day is one that only exists a few days in a person's lifetime and I consider myself incredibly lucky to be a part of that.

My husband, Tyler and I have got married in Eau Claire in 2009 and starting shooting weddings together in a few years later. When we are not capturing wedding days, we love to have bon fires with our family, try cooking new foods (especially new breakfast recipes!), and binging on our latest Netflix addictions. 





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• Rome
• England
• Germany
• Hawaii
• Egypt
• Paris
• Mexico

our  family

coffee. tacos.
music with the windows down.

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We are the parents to three crazy boys

They make me laugh on a daily basis and often push me to the brink of my sanity.They also help me appreciate wine even more.


Main photographer, editor, blogger and basic do-er of things you see on the front end! Obsessed with tacos and coffee not necessarily together. Would rather be in 90 degree heat than 60 (still wears a winter coat in the Spring). Loves decor, but doesn't really have decorating skills.  Bakes a LOT, loves cooking. Married to Tyler. Mama to Landon, Ascher, and Jude.


Second photographer on wedding days. In charge of some of the business back end things (umm.. ahem taxes...). Deals with Alisha's crazy side better than most people could. Likes to start projects he doesn't always finish. Makes the best breakfast pizza you've ever eaten. Loves Old-Fashioneds. 


Meet our oldest! Talk about high energy. He's a sweet heart with a whole lot of attitude. Ever heard a sixteen year old's in a 7 year old's body? Well meet Landon and then you have! He's creative and a great problem solver! And his sense of humor is non stop! Obsessed with Star Wars and good music.


Here is our second, born in 2012. He's our perfectionist and worrier. NO idea where he got that one...certainly NOT his mother (or maybe so...) He can't hide his dimples when he is talking about someone or something he likes. He loves making everyone think he is an angel, but he is great and sneakily getting his brothers in trouble. He's addicted to counting, multiplication and drawing. So many drawings in this house.


Born in 2014, Jude is without a doubt our wild-child. He doesn't think before he acts and we call it a win that he hasn't broken any bones yet. Jumping off the top of his cozy-coupe? No problem, he said it was a trampoline. He tests my patience more times than I'd like to admit, but he is the best at giving hugs (and let me say, he knows EXACTLY when to use this to his benefit). Jude loves being outside (if it's warm) and trying new adventures.

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