This is such a fun and unique time in couples’ lives! And I LOVE that I get to be there throughout so much of it. However, when it comes to Choosing a location for your engagement session, we noticed that a lot of people seem unsure or ask for my help picking places. I LOVE […]

Let’s face it, wedding days can be stressful!  You plan and plan for this one perfect day, it is a lot of pressure! You want to remember this day as everything you’ve been dreaming of and you want all your guests to have the best time. Here’s a bonus tip: if you let yourself relax, you will […]

First off, I have AMAZING clients! I always love to see the outfit choices and locations ideas that they have for their sessions, picking out clothing is a SUPER important part of preparing for you engagement session, but there are other, often overlooked items that I want to share with you today. The purpose of […]

I LOVE first looks! In fact, you can read more about why I think so they so great here! I want to share with you two other kinds of first looks that you can do, not in place of a bride and groom first look, but in addition to it. The first is one that […]

  You spend so much time choosing the right accessories for your day, you wan to make sure you have amazing photos to remember all the hard work you did. Plus detail photos are SO gorgeous. So what do you need to do to help have awesome details photos on your wedding day? A tiny […]

As many people know, getting ready is one of my FAVORITE parts of the day to photograph. It always seems like everything becomes so much more REAL to my brides once that dress is on. Everything hits at once and it is an amazing and beautiful moment. There is a small thing brides can do […]

I include an engagement session with all of my weddings because I feel it is SOOO important! An engagement session allows us to spend time together, to get to know each other and have fun (yes, I promise, we have a blast!) But even more importantly, having an engagement session will make your wedding day […]

This is a question a lot of bride and grooms have when planning their wedding. Some know the answer immediately and some need to think about it awhile. For those that don’t know, a “first look” is when the bride and groom set up a time before the ceremony to see each other alone. The […]

This is it. The grand prize. The most beautiful thing that someone will own. This is the Nostalgia Kit. It is a stunning box made by Amish craftsmen, just checkout how perfect it looks! It’s made for holding images and other memories; it comes with little vials and stoppers to hold anything small that you […]