Hi, I'm Alisha!

wedding + senior photographer

I serve couples + seniors who are seeking their memories to be documented in joyful, natural, and authentic portraits. Though I am based in the Midwest, I love adventure! My family tries to take several trips a year and I would be more than thrilled to add your wedding to my list of travel locations!

Eau claire, wisc.
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What I'm all About

Do you know that carefree feeling on a summer day, when you have your car windows rolled down and your favorite music playing (maybe just a bit too loud) while you drive headed to spend the day at the beach being nothing but simply happy? That is pure joy! That is how I feel when I am behind the camera! And it’s not just “taking pictures” thing that brings me joy, it’s getting to know a couple’s real love story. Laughing together so much that my face hurts on my drive home (true story)

I live for helping couples show their love story, for golden glowly sunsets, and finding the perfect street taco.

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Main photographer

Main photographer, editor, blogger and basic do-er of things you see on the front end! Obsessed with tacos and coffee not necessarily together. Would rather be in 90 degree heat than 60 (still wears a winter coat in the Spring). Loves decor, but doesn't really have decorating skills. Bakes a LOT, loves cooking. Married to Tyler. Mama to Landon, Ascher, and Jude.

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second shooter

Second photographer on wedding days. In charge of some of the business back end things (umm.. ahem taxes...). Deals with Alisha's crazy side better than most people could. Likes to start projects he doesn't always finish. Makes the best breakfast pizza you've ever eaten. Loves Old-Fashioneds.

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We are travel obsessed! If I had infinite funds, I’d spend every second seeking new destinations. If you are up for adventure-whether it is across town or across the country, I am so in! (Travel Bucket List: Rome, Greece, Egypt, Grand Canyon, Costa Rica, Paris….alllll the places)

I’m all about that light. I’ve been known to pull over while driving to take in the light over an open field. When building our house, our main priority was making sure our windows would be able to let plenty of gorgeous natural light in at any time of day. 

I was so incredibly shy as a teen that the idea of being a wedding photographer would have terrified me! After I bought my first “real” camera as an adult, I started taking photos of people more and more often and came more “out of my shell” with each session.

I’m so awkward when I’m the one in front of the camera! So I totally get how my clients feel! There is nothing that feels “normal” about posing and trying to be yourself in front of the camera. Over time, I’ve learned that laughing at how silly you feel is the best way to go.

My favorite clients are those who: Love to laugh, want beautiful images that show how in love they are, desire direction to help them feel natural in front of the camera, think the world’s best date is a food truck and a good beer (or wait.. that’s me...but maybe it’s you too!)