What to wear for your engagement session

It can be so hard to decide what to wear for a photo session, and sometimes there seems to be extra pressure to choose the PERFECT outfit for your engagement photos. After all, for most people, these are typically the first professional portraits you’ve had of just the two of you! Here are some tips for choosing outfits that work for you!

  1. I do not limit the amount of outfits you are allowed to bring, but most of my couples opt for two outfits, one dressier and one more casual. I usually recommend starting the session in the more dressy of the outfits, but that really doesn’t matter overall.
  2. Coordinate, but don’t worry about matching! Choose outfits that are have colors that go together or one pattern and one solid, but don’t worry about needing to find outfits that have them same color somewhere in them. Also, when coordinating outfits, pay attention so that you are both about the same amount of dressed up, especially for your dressier outfit.
  3. Go all out. Seriously, use this as an excuse to get all dolled up like you typically might not. Rent a dress if you want! Why not!
  4. Two colors and a neutral “rule.” When people ask for advice choosing colors, I usually suggest having to main colors that compliment one another and a neutral that you like to go with them. If one person has a pattern or a strong color, have the other wear a neutral.
  5.  Color is better than black and white. Black makes a great neutral, but try to avoid dressing in just black and white. Try adding a necklace, scarf or sweater that has a pop of color if it seems like you are in both in neutrals.
  6. This probably goes without saying, but wear an outfit or style that flatters your figure! It can be easy to pick out an outfit that is very fashionable, but make sure you are comfortable in it! It can be hard to hide if you feel uncomfortable in your outfit. Make sure you choose something that you always feel the need to tug at or adjust. I’d much rather have you be able to relax and enjoy your session than worry about the way your top is sitting on you.
  7. Flowly skirts and dresses can add a level of romance to photos if you are hoping to have extra ROMANTIC looking portraits. This can be a great choice for your dressy outfit.

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