I LOVED meeting Amanda and Chris this past weekend! They live and work in Fargo (Yes, ND!)  and so it wasn’t easy to find a time to get together, but we finally did and some of these images are magic! SOOO worth the wait! I also got a little added bonus for waiting to meet them- I got to meet Mr. Jeter! Their adorable beagle mix. For those of you that don’t know me, my family also has a beagle so I am of course a little partial. Jeter is a 9 month old HAM! Pictures of him at the end of this post.


I drove out to the small town of Arkansaw, Wisconsin for this session and the light (and farm fields) did not disappoint. Here are a few of my favorites!


wisconsin engagement photo 2016-08-22_0002 2016-08-22_0003 2016-08-22_0004 2016-08-22_0005 2016-08-22_0006 2016-08-22_0007 2016-08-22_0008 2016-08-22_0009 farm field engagement photography wisconsin 2016-08-22_0011 2016-08-22_0012 2016-08-22_0013 2016-08-22_0014 pre wedding photos 2016-08-22_0016 pre wedding photography by alisha marie 2016-08-22_0018 2016-08-22_0019 2016-08-22_0020 2016-08-22_0021 2016-08-22_0022

Amanda and Chris- Engagement Session

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