Brittany and Shane’s Barn Wedding

Wow! Yet another blog post that I have been DYING to write for a while now!

When Brittany first contacted me for engagement photos, I was BEYOND thrilled! I’ve known Brittany through my sister-in-law for sometime and I’ve always known that she loves photography, has great style, and is simply stunning! What could make their wedding any better?! Apparently watching her and Shane together! The love that they have for one another as well as for their friends and family radiates. Anyone around them can’t help but feel a part of it.

About a week before the wedding, I received a message from Brittany letting me know that she noticed rain in the forecast so she decided to buy some umbrellas. We both acknowledged forecasts change all the time around here, so we didn’t blink an eye and went with it. As the day approached, the forecast did change…to show a higher and high chance of rain. Until it was the morning of the wedding and down pouring. Brittany didn’t say one single word of frustration regarding the weather. She knew that she’d be marrying Shane and that was all that mattered. We were, though, lucky enough for the rain to clear just long enough to run outside for some bride and groom portraits!

Enjoy some of my favorites!!



Venue: Schultz’s Barn

DJ: Michael Moulton

Cake: Matron of Honor- Alyssa Cunningham

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