Carrie and Zach are MARRIED!!!

It was such a perfect day! It was supposed to rain ALL day long, but somehow it only rained during dinner when everyone was indoors anyway! What kind of perfect luck is that!? Shortly after dinner ended, the clouds parted and we were able to head outside for some glowy sunset images (SO GOOD!) I was completely blown away by how the weather worked out so well. As  we all know, mid-May in Wisconsin can go either way, but this day was perfect. Probably one of the most perfect days all year! And these two so deserve it!

And we could spend FOREVER talking about how joyful and hilarious this bridal party was! Like OMG my face and stomach hurt from laughing so much  by the end of the evening! And they welcomed me into their group with open arms, and a few (many) jokes. And it wasn’t just me that felt welcomed in by everyone, Grandpa got to take a shot with friends too (this might be the first I’ve seen of that, and I love him!).

Carrie and Zach are the kindest souls and I am so lucky that I got to capture their amazing day! Thank you Carrie and Zach!  Here are just a few of my favorite images from their gorgeous day!




Carrie and Zach Married

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