I have been looking forward to this wedding since their engagement session almost exactly two years ago! Brett and Tony were originally supposed to have their wedding in October 2020, but we all know how 2020 treated wedding season. So they made the tough call to postpone their wedding, but it was SO INCREDIBLY worth the wait!

These two bring a new level of joy to life. You can’t even be around them without feeling pure joy and the energy that their love brings.  From Tony’s infectious laugh and Brett’s smile and sense of humor- to the way Tony chats it up with EVERYONE while Brett laughs and patiently waits- these two compliment each other in literally every way possible. They have been together over 12 year and it’s clear that their love passes the test of time.

Tyler and I had literally the best time ever just being around these two- I think it’s literally impossible to not love them- even more so when you see how much they love one another.

So enjoy a few of my favorites from their amazing day.


Venue: Metropolis

Grooms’ Attire: H & M

Invites: Shutterfly

Cupcakes: Sam’s Club

Florals: May’s

Brett and Tony’s Eau Claire Wedding

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