Brittany and Darren were married (!!!!) this past weekend at The Florian Gardens in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and it was literally the most perfect day- both as far as the weather goes, and LITERALLY every thing else.

Florian Gardens always does an AMAZING job to make sure a couple’s day always goes off without a hitch, so it was no surprise when Brittany and Darren were set up to have the most amazing day!

I LOVED, LOVED all the detail that Brittany poured her heart into for their wedding! But honestly, out of everything that I remember from the day, my VERY favorite part had to be the Dog of Honor, Drako. I have had the privilege of doing TWO engagement sessions with Brittany and Darren and I got to work with Drako- the legend himself- at both sessions. It’s fair to say he’s practically a model by now.

Another thing I loved at their wedding was the “kissing menu.” Couples come up with all sorts of fun things to avoid kissing EVERY 2 SECONDS while they eat (can you hear the glasses clanging now!?) Brittany and Darren’s idea was fun and unique! Guests could pick something to do from the kissing menu, and then Brittany and Darren would- you guessed it- have to kiss. (see the images below for a photo of what was on the kissing menu).

I believe Tyler’s favorite part of the day though was that Brittany and Darren had OLD-FASHIONED flavored cupcakes- as in the drink. That is totally Tyler’s drink and I agree- they were to die for.

I could ramble on about how wonderful this day way, but instead, I’d love to SHOW you with a few of my favorite images from their day!

Brittany and Darren’s Florian Garden Wedding

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