Welcome to the Alisha Marie Blog. I’m Alisha; my husband, Tyler, and I are a wedding photography team based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We love shooting weddings all over the midwest, but we also love traveling! We;d be thrilled to trave to photograph a wedding outside of Eau Claire. To me, photography is the art of preserving memories.  And though all memories deserved to be preserved, there is something special about wedding photographs.

The smile your soon-to-be spouse gives you the first time they see you on your wedding day, the laughter between you and your bridesmaids as your maid of honor shares an old inside joke, the way your dad hugs you at the end of your father-daughter dance. It’s these little perfect moments that come together to make your wedding day, and in the end, these fleeting moment are the ones you will want to treasure forever. I want you to treasure them, too. Which is why I am there, to capture your beautiful moments so you can do nothing, but simply enjoy one of the best days of your life.

In addition to being a wedding photographer and a wife, I’m also mommy to three beautiful boys, Landon, Ascher and Jude. They are the craziest children I’ve ever met and I love them for it. I have many silly stories to share, some you will find on my blog here, others I can’t help but share in person.

I’m obsessed with painting things gray. I can’t function without my morning coffee (and cream…). I love traveling, but I love coming home even more. I love the sound of rain in the summer. Don’t let me near a shoe store…

I love sitting with my girl friends and chatting over Mexican food and eating way too much cheese dip. I love relaxing with my family around a bon fire.

I love planning diy projects (that usually don’t get done!). I love cooking and baking. I need a Pintervention!

I love love stories. Especially the real ones.

I am based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, but available for wedding photography across the state and county. To learn more about the Alisha Marie Wedding experience contact me or check out the Main Website for more information. 🙂


(Many images on this page were taken by Availeth Photography)


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