A while back, I wrote about our surprise vacation we planned, but now I want to take a bit of time to tell you about our experience with Pack Up and Go.  Hint: It was amazing. In case you haven’t seen my previous blog post, Pack Up and Go is a surprise travel agency that […]

I’m always up for an awesome cup of coffee and if it comes with a great experience, even better. Well there’s a fairly new location in town that offers both, and I’m SO excited to share some information about them with you. I first heard about Jewelstone Cafe over lunch one day and it sounded […]

Tyler and I rarely get to travel alone together. In fact I don’t know if we have went anywhere alone since our Honeymoon…10 years ago. However, we just booked our anniversary trip and we could NOT be more excited! We booked our trip through Pack Up and Go , they are a “surprise travel agency.” […]

We had a lazy Sunday at home today. I walked out back to find Tyler putting a tire swing on our tree for the boys! Landon was gone at a friend’s house (and when did he get big enough for that?!) so it was just four of us. The younger boys LOVED watching Dada hang […]

My adorable little trio came running in the house screaming for me the other day. This typically means one of two things: someone is hurt or someone has to pee. Shockingly, this time it was neither! They were so excited to show me something. If I’m being honest, I figured it was a mess they […]

When your oldest keeps growing up and you just can’t stop it, it is so bittersweet. I LOVE watching Landon grow into a sweet young boy, but sometimes, I look at him and wonder where my little baby went! He still lets me hold his hand in public, but how long?! He still sits on […]

School started up this week again; this year Landon will be in first grade and Ascher will be starting preschool! How does time go so fast! We decided to have some end of summer fun before they started back- we hit up Carson Park with Grandma and the boys’ cousin. Lots of tire swings and […]

The boys were so excited to take some “field trips” this week. I have to admit, even though I LOVE tball and enjoy Landon being in sports, I am SO relieved when it is done so we can do this kind of stuff without worrying about being anywhere by 5pm. This week so far, we’ve […]

Restained Floors before and after

We had a great weekend with family! The weekend started off on Friday late afternoon when the boys and I went to a local plant and flower shop to pick up some fruit trees for Tyler’s Father’s Day gift. We picked out two beautiful plum trees and I CANNOT wait for them to grow fruit […]