As many people know, getting ready is one of my FAVORITE parts of the day to photograph. It always seems like everything becomes so much more REAL to my brides once that dress is on. Everything hits at once and it is an amazing and beautiful moment. There is a small thing brides can do though, to help make sure their photos of these moments are just as beautiful as the moments themselves. The are incredible moments and deserve to be photographed in beautiful light! When you invest in your wedding photography, you are looking to get the best images possible, right?! And while a good photographer can make the best out of many lighting situations, this one small lighting secret will make a HUGE difference in  your getting ready images.


It’s a window.

That’s it! We just need a little window light! It’s best to avoid rooms lit completely by fluorescent lights. And even better if we have enough window light to light at least a small area of the room without having other lights on. If there is more than one window that is EVEN better, but we can totally make due with one window. If you think you’re getting ready in a place that doesn’t have windows…let’s FIND you one!  It is better to put your dress on in a tiny little room with a window than to put your dress on in a huge room that is lacking windows. See below for some amazing examples of window lit getting ready photos. AND one with a tiny, narrow little window in a church with VERY few options for window rooms.

I am sharing some images that wouldn’t typically be on the blog so you can see the windows we used!



Look in the mirror..see the window behind her? That was it! That was the total amount of window light we had at in this room and the images are GORGEOUS!


Below is Samatha! She got ready in standard hotel room, so we had her get into her dress on the half of the room where the window was and shut off the other lights. So pretty!

2016-06-19_0012 2016-06-19_0011

Again, another window lit hotel room.

2016-06-19_0010 2016-06-19_0009 2016-06-19_0008

Gotta love the selfie! Of course I’m sharing this because I wanted you to see the window!

2016-06-19_0007 2016-06-19_0006 2016-06-19_0005

And actually she had a second window. Neither was super large. This one was actually a door.

2016-06-19_0004 2016-06-19_0003


2016-06-19_0014 2016-06-19_0002

OK….I couldn’t avoid this one. She was opening a letter from her very soon to be husband. And that flower girl though? She’s too cute!


Getting Ready Light

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