We had a great weekend with family!

The weekend started off on Friday late afternoon when the boys and I went to a local plant and flower shop to pick up some fruit trees for Tyler’s Father’s Day gift. We picked out two beautiful plum trees and I CANNOT wait for them to grow fruit next summer. I paid there and loaded up the van. Except problem….trees don’t really fit in a van… Soooo Tyler had to stop at the flower shop and bring home his gift. Oops. Then the poor guy had to plant the trees in 90 degree weather on Saturday. The boys had  BLAST helping him plant though!

Saturday was also spent with the boys in their swimsuit running through the sprinkler and ended with amazing grilled barbecue grilled chicken!

Father’s Day morning the boys helped me make Tyler a breakfast of steak and eggs and then we drove up to my parents’ camper to spend Father’s Day (which is also my dad’s birthday this year) with them. There was lots of snacking, swimming and of course, grilled marshmallows.

I love relaxing days with family 🙂

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Father’s Day Weekend

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