You spend so much time choosing the right accessories for your day, you wan to make sure you have amazing photos to remember all the hard work you did. Plus detail photos are SO gorgeous.

So what do you need to do to help have awesome details photos on your wedding day? A tiny bit of prep work (I really mean tiny) will help me shoot your details faster and better!

First, make a “detail kit.” OK this can literally be a pile on a desk in your getting ready room.; The goal is just to have all of your details together so I can just grab them and get started! Every minute counts and if everything is together right away, I won’t have to bother you or your bridemaids with finding things more than needed while you are getting ready. So what things should you make sure you have?2016-05-16_0001

  1. Rings-  I know sometimes someone else (like the best man) will be holding on to the rings, but if we don’t have to hunt them down, that will save precious time. We can always bring them to the guys getting ready spot when we are done shooting the details.
  2. Your invitation- A lot of brides don’t think of this one, but it can really tie a lot of your details together and makes a gorgeous backdrop for rings or jewelry. Bring one whole invite with the envelope and rsvp and everything. I will lay these out and get a picture of the whole group!
  3. All your jewelry you will be wearing that day.- Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces…
  4. Your shoes.
  5. Your veil or any headpiece you have. If you have this put in when your hair is done, that is fine!
  6. A bridesmaid dress- I will sometimes use this as a backdrop for detail photos so your detail images match your wedding colors.
  7. OR a piece of fabric that matches your wedding colors. This isn’t necessary- just another option for a background of the detail images.
  8. Flowers. I know sometimes flowers are delivered after getting ready and if that is the plan, that is OK we will take images of the florals later, BUT if it works out to have them delivered around the time I arrive, just make sure they are available and I will incorporate them into your other detail images.
  9. Perfume bottle. If you are wearing a special perfume and have it with you, I will definitely include this in the images.
  10. A special note. NOT needed, but if you have a note from your groom or a friend, let me know and I will probably include that in your ring or other detail photos.
  11. Anything else special to you that you will have on your wedding day. For example- the night before my wedding, my dad gave me two pennies. One was from the year I was born and the other was from the year we got married. I’ll never forget the way he teared up when he gave them to me. I wore them in a little tiny pocket we attached inside my dress. Even though it was only worth 2 cents to everyone else, that was one of the most important wedding details of the whole day to me.2016-06-27_0007 2016-06-27_0006
  12. Bridal shoes sitting on a chair before getting ready by Alisha Marie Eau Claire Wedding Photographer 2016-06-27_0005 2016-06-27_0004 2016-06-27_0003 2016-06-27_0002 2016-06-27_0001

Your Bridal Details

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