I need to start off by saying that Tyler is basically my hero.

We’ve been talking about redoing our floors ever since we moved into our home 4 years ago, but it was never anything we had the time to desire to actually do. This last spring we decided it couldn’t wait anymore. It was time. Tyler took a Friday off of work and sanded the floor. All. Day. Long. I helped a TINY bit doing the corners while he returned the rented sander. BUT did you know that those corner things (Tyler…help me out! This can’t be the correct name for this tool….) make a noise about a MILLION times worse than nails on a chalkboard. But anyway, I did my best. Eventually (1am?) I decided to sit for a few minutes while Tyler quick did a last cleaning on the floor before we started sanding.

This is where we got dumb. We knew we only had a baby sitter for the weekend so we had to get as much done as possible! The plan was we’d start staining the floors once they were cleaned and ready. Have you ever stained a floor?!?! YEAH! Us either! Let’s just say I woke up at 7am (I swear I didn’t mean to fall asleep) and rolled over to ask Tyler how everything went last night. He wasn’t there. I figured this either meant 1. he died. or 2. he fell asleep accidentally like me or 3. he was still staining. Because of how little I knew about staining, I knocked option 3 out. No way anyone could still be staining.

Except I walked down the stairs and there he is. Rag in hang. Ready to run away, sitting in the middle of an almost stained floor. With a giant blue steak down the middle of our floor. I bit my tongue and asked why he was still up. He looked at me like he wanted to die and said, “It’s blue isn’t it.” I didn’t want to say it, but I did, “ummm yes…pretty much” I told him to sleep a few hours and finish when he got up but he decided to power through.

He went to bed a couple hours later and thankfully the stain dried MUCH less blue! (WAY WAY thankfully, there was NO WAY we were re sanding that stuff!). Tyler did have a small strip to fix, but you’d never know anymore. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL!

Tyler also made us an AMAZING farmhouse table to go in our “new” house. (I honestly feel like it is almost a new house sometimes). The table might even be more beautiful than the floors, it’s really hard to say since they compliment each other so much! Tyler is so amazing at building things and this was DEFINITELY no exception- I’ve been telling him to start a small woodworking business! Don’t you think?!?!

Check out these CRAZY before and afters and then go leave Tyler some love in the comments. For real though. I adore my “new house.”


2016-06-30_0001 2016-06-30_0002 2016-06-30_0003


2016-06-30_0004 2016-06-30_0005 2016-06-30_0007


Floor: Mixwax Classic Gray on Red Oak

Table: Tyler based the table off plans from Ana White

Restained Floors before and after

  1. Geralyn says:

    Wow Tyler!! Amazing. Wish my husband and I were handy like you. 🙂

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