Taylor and Cameron- Wisconsin Engagement Session


I started to write the title of this blog post as “Wisconsin Winter Engagement Session,” but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it! It is APRIL!  Though the day did end up being SO gorgeous (seriously…. that light!), Taylor and Cameron have had some crazy luck when it comes to weather!

They had an engagement session with me back in October. We got some really GREAT shots, but soon after starting, the rain decided it was time for us to be done. We had made it about half and hour before it was raining thick sheets of rain. We decided it would be best to just wait until Spring, especially since they’d already gotten some great images for their save the dates, to do their REAL engagement session (Engagement Session Part II). Joke was on us! The day their session was scheduled for was April 3. We got 7 inches of snow and it came down hardest during the time the session was supposed to be! Luckily, Taylor and Cameron were rock stars and able to meet up on the 4th at Hoffman Hills instead.

I can’t say it was warm and I definitely can’t call the snow drifts up to my knees Spring like, but honestly, I can’t imagine how this session could have turned out even more gorgeous than it did! Even if there were budding flowers and trees everywhere. We hit the lighting jackpot!

Now we are just hoping we get a bit of a warm up (without a ton of slush and slop) for their early May wedding! But either way, they are going to have a stunning day! In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite images from their “spring” session yesterday.


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