This is such a fun and unique time in couples’ lives! And I LOVE that I get to be there throughout so much of it. However, when it comes to Choosing a location for your engagement session, we noticed that a lot of people seem unsure or ask for my help picking places. I LOVE that my clients trust me to choose places. I often have a lot of fun making suggestions! But I want to give you some tips to help you think through what might make a good location for an engagement session. These tips are really good for any type of session, too!

1. Are there any places special to you?

Is there a certain location that means a lot to the two of you? A place you visit a lot, where you got engaged? A family farm? The options are really limitless when you think about it.

2. Is there somewhere unique that you have access to?

This could be almost anything? Do you have a relative that owns a large field or wide open land? Maybe you have a way to access an airplane hanger! Is there a gorgeous private property that someone you know has access to or owns? Beautiful buildings and homes can make stunning backdrops as well!

3. Look for Open Space

This one is about lighting. When I am looking for a new place to shoot photos, I am looking for a couple things. The first is access to the sky. What does this mean? I want my you to be able to see the sky clearly from where I put you for photos. Why? This will allow nice, clean, natural light on your faces. If we were in woods for example, there isn’t much sky to see, so the green from the trees would reflect in your skin tones. No one wants that!

4. Light Diffusers

The other thing I’m looking for is ways to diffuse the light. OK. So what the heck does that even mean? Typically, this can be a couple small trees or something I can place behind you so the sun isn’t super harsh on the back of your head. (This is how I create that “glowy” look!) As long as we have mostly wide open space with a few small trees, we are usually in business! There are other ways to diffuse light too. So just because it doesn’t meet this exact description does NOT mean it’s automatically out.

5. ASK!

Do you have a place you love, but just don’t know if it fits this description? Please ask me! Let’s chat about it until we find the perfect place that is right for you! I’d be more than happy to look at a few pictures of the place you have in mind and see if it’d work!

Really, choosing a location for your engagement session does NOT have to be stressful and can actually be a lot of fun! Just keep your eyes (and mind) open! And don’t be afraid to ask for help, too.

Engagement session near Eau Claire Wisconsin- Alisha Marie hired for wedding photography- bride wears lovely pink sweater
Engagement session near Eau Claire Wisconsin- Alisha Marie hired for wedding photography- r exact location is river prairie center in altoona wisconsin
Engagement session near Eau Claire Wisconsin- Alisha Marie hired for wedding photography- apple orchards in wi make for beautiful photos

Choosing a Location for Your Engagement Session

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