One of my favorite things about weddings days is the pure joy and love that surround the wedding couple, and Lindsey and Jordan’s Metropolis wedding was definitely no exception. I smiled so much throughout the day that my face hurt by the time we left. It was just fun to be in the presence of people who truly love one another and want nothing but happiness for their friends and family- the new bride and groom.

I love the weddings these days are able to be so unique to each couple. Anything goes, in the best way possible. And this wedding was so perfectly Lindsey and Jordan! Every aspect of the day was sprinkled with things that made the day uniquely theirs. From the wedding arbor, made my Lindsey’s dad, which was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. To the “Mom Cake” on the dessert table! I had to laugh when I found out the tiny cake said, “mom cake” because there was going to be no wedding cake and, their moms liked to give them a hard time about it. So Lindsey and Jordan had a mini cake made that said mom cake! And not only that..when they cut their cake, they handed half of the cake to each mom. LOVED this sweet moment during the reception.

I could go on and on about things that make these two special. But what you really need to know is that they are a couple whose love shines. It’s obvious they were meant to be together, from the playful, yet absolutely perfectly beautiful vows they wrote for each other to the way the looked at each other during their first dance, everything they do shows how much they were meant to be husband and wife.


Enjoy a few favorites from Lindsey and Jordan’s beautiful wedding.

Lindsey and Jordan’s Metropolis Wedding

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