One of my favorite things about weddings is the love that surrounds the bride and groom and the way that everyone feels like family whether they’ve known one another their whole lives or whether they are meeting for the first time. Candace and David’s wedding at the Eau Claire Country Club was was without a doubt one of the most welcoming of loved filled, and that is saying a lot, because we attend MANY weddings where we leave feeling like great friends with the bride and groom.

To see Candace and David together to to watch pure, true love. These two are completely dedicated to one another’s happiness in every sense. You can tell in the way their smiles change when the see each other. If you didn’t understand the phrase “to light up” you would after spending 10 minutes with these two. Individually,  they are both so kind, compassionate and selfless, but together, they are really more than the sum of their parts. They are made to be together and the way they glow around one another is  a small piece of evidence of their love.

I could tell you all the sweet ways they interact, but instead, I am thrilled to show you a few of my favorite images from their wedding day. Candace and David- I’m SO happy for you, thank you SO MUCH for letting me be a part of this magnificent day.

Candace and David’s Eau Claire Country Club Wedding

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