There are a ton of blogs and resources out there for wedding planning, and tons of them have lists of things to ask your photographer. Some of those lists are super helpful, and some were either written quite a long time ago or by someone who isn’t around the wedding industry. The latter might only stress you out or give you irrelevant tips and advice so be careful with those! I want to touch base on some of the most frequently asked questions that I get about working with me as a wedding photographer.

(Side note: after writing this post, I realize there are TONS of questions to ask- so I think I will break this up in to a series of the most common questions I typically get asked by couples.)

Are you the one who will be shooting my wedding?

YES! At this point, I don’t currently work with an associate photographer. (This is another photographer who works for another photographer, an associate photographer shoots weddings under the owner’s brand FOR the owner). There is NOTHING wrong with having an associate photographer! Many amazing photographers use associates and they provide amazing experiences. If you are working with a trustworthy photographer- you will be told when booking that you are booking the associate photographer- it isn’t a trick :). That said, right now, I am the only main photographer with Alisha Marie Photography. I will be there for your engagement, planning, and on your wedding day. If I ever branched out and worked with an associate, you would know who you were getting while before signing a contract.

Detail images, side by side. First image of the wedding rings and second image of invites, flowers and shoes.. Alisha Marie Photography from Eau Claire Wisconsin- specializing in wedding photography  and family portraits answer questions about weddings with me

How many images do I get?

Honestly, this is a tough question to answer since every wedding day is different! Because of the variety in wedding days, I do not guarantee a set amount of images. That said, galleries that I deliver from a “traditional” wedding day tend to have a rough average of 50-100 images per hour. Some things that can effect the overall images delivered:

  • Amount of time built in for portraits
  • First look (if you have a first look, you will have quite a few more portraits because we can structure more time into your day)
  • Amount of details (if there are more details to capture, there will be more images)
  • Atmosphere (during your reception, more people dancing will lead to more images of that time of day)
  • Size of bridal party
  • Size of wedding overall

None of these variations will make or break your wedding gallery! I simply wanted you to see the reason why there can be such a discrepancy in size from one gallery to the next.

What if my package doesn’t have enough time?

First, the easy answer is that- it probably does. I work with you to write your timeline so that you can have everything captured- from getting ready to your first dances.

That said, sometimes there are expects (for example, where we need to travel a distance between the ceremony and reception sites). In these cases, we can discuss adding extra hours if necessary.

Are we going to look totally awkward!? We have no idea what we are doing!!!

That’s actually great! Do you know why?! That makes you NORMAL my friend! Almost every couple is worried about how they will look or act in front of the camera! My job is to help you be comfortable! We will work to find the posing system that works best for you.

And yes- I’ll tell you what to do with your hands 😉


There are so many other questions that are great too! Basically- if you are wondering- just reach out and ASK your photographer! They want to help you out, but might not know what you are curious about!

sunset photos of a wedding couple in the midwest. Alisha Marie Photography from Eau Claire Wisconsin- specializing in wedding photography  and family portraits


Frequently Asked Questions about Weddings With Me

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