I have been meaning to write a blog about working with With Grace and Gold for over half a year now! But you know how blogging goes- it is SO easy to put off. Which is kind of funny- because getting a new, AMAZING website is kind of easy to put off too, but once you do, oh my gosh is it worth it. (You can view With Grace and Gold’s AMAZING Showit Templates here, by the way- they are SO pretty!)

I’d always wanted an amazing site designed by professions (AKA NOT ME lol). I maybe be good at photography, but web design is NOT my forte by any means. I discovered With Grace and Gold several years ago and immediately fell in love. It became a long-term goal of mine to have them design a site for me.

Despite the fact that it took some definite saving and waiting, I absolutely do not regret my choice. In fact, I cannot sing their praises enough. From the moment I first reached out to the, I knew that Kelly and Andra truly wanted to help my business grow and show who I really am as a photographer, business owner, and human.

It was helpful to already have my brand established and know who my ideal client was. Kelly and Andra sent me a questionnaire at the start of the process to help them really get the feel for what I (and my clients) were looking for in a website. The “hard” work was all at the beginning on my end. There were several surveys and forms to fill out- BUT I am so glad they had those things. I could feel how prepared Kelly and Andra were to make my site meet all my brand’s needs and I felt very confident when I hit “send” on that questionnaire that they would know exactly  who my ideal client was and what I was looking for in a web site.

Kelly and Andra also helped provide resources for the parts that I needed a little extra help on. For example- copyright. They provided templates and brainstorming questions to help my write the best copyright possible for my clients and my site. They also referred several wonderful outside resources to help me with that if needed.

During the process, we met several times via Zoom- it was so helpful to be able to chat face to face and check in to make sure we were on the same page. There were several stages in their design process, and each could be either approved or tweaked by me. We started with my logo and worked our way up from there.

Each step, I opted to make minor adjustments and they were both so welcoming to my feedback. I never felt like I was intruding on their (AMAZING) skills when I asked questions or wondered if we could move/change things around. They were simply the sweetest humans to work with.

Another thing that I LOVED was how structured their timeline was! As soon as we began working together, they sent me a very detailed timeline of when different tasks would be completed and what my role was in those tasks. (As mentioned about, at the beginning I had more of a roll/work because I had to share thoughts/ideas/visions for my brand and write copy, but once that was done, by work really just involved showing up to meetings or approving designs). Also- as we moved on to each new step, they emailed and communicated again when that step should be complete and when I should expect to hear from them again.

Literally EVERYTHING about this process what easy, smooth, and honestly fun! I am SO GLAD I waited for the chance to work with With Grace and Gold; they were worth every penny of my investment and then some. And not only did I have the BEST experience, but I have gotten SO many compliments (both from other photographers AND potential clients) about how great my website is! And I happy to agree 😉


If you are looking for a web designer and use Shout, I highly  suggest reaching out to With Grace and Gold. If a custom site is out of your budget, they have some amazing templates available as well!


My Experience Working with With Grace and Gold

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