Sirissa and Noah had a very simple, but beautiful fall wedding in Altoona, Wisconsin set in River Prairie in the fall of 2022. It was one of those weddings that, even though I was only there a couple fast hours, my face hurt from all the smiling when I headed home.

Sirissa and Noah chose to have my just photograph the ceremony and some family, couple, and wedding party shots before dinner began on their wedding day. Though I love being able to be a part of a full wedding day with getting ready, there is still something so special about capturing any amount of wedding coverage and I adored this wedding so much.

One thing I loved was that Sirissa walked in from over a bridge at River Prairie. If you’ve ever been to their outdoor ceremony space by the event venue, you know that it would be easy for the groom to see the bride in that spot. They (both Noah and the bridal party), did such a wonderful job having Noah face away until Sirissa was actively walking down the aisle. I think this really added to that special moment that every wedding couple looks forward to.

I could go on about my favorite moments of their day (the AMAZING bridal party that was always getting along and cracking me up, Sirissa and Noah’s GORGEOUS sweetheart of a daughter, how loving their entire families were… you get the point), but instead, I’d love to share a few of my favorite images  of their fall wedding in Altoona, Wisconsin below.

Fall Wedding in Altoona, Wisconsin | Sirissa and Noah

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