We had a great start to our Memorial Day weekend! We decided to completely tear out and start over with our backyard flower garden. Of course, there was a forecast for thunderstorms, but we decided to power through and get as much done as possible. This meant the boys got a lot of outside time today. My oldest had some friends over (WHEN did he get big enough to have friends over?!? aren’t his brothers supposed to be his only friends..yikes time flies!) Anyway, they had a blast having a water fun fight, which then carried over to my three boys playing with the water guns together after Landon’s friends got picked up.

Ascher was having an interesting time with the water guns…he kept forgetting how to squirt it, so he would look at the end of the water gun and EVERY time he ended up squirting himself in the face. I do NOT know how he was surprised every time, but it was hilarious.

Jude ditched the water guns first to spend a lot of time following our dog, Bella, around the yard. He is basically obsessed with her. Times 20.

Landon found a noise making toy which he decided was his lightsaber.


Welcome to a typical weekend in our backyard.


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Memorial Day Weekend

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