The boys were so excited to take some “field trips” this week. I have to admit, even though I LOVE tball and enjoy Landon being in sports, I am SO relieved when it is done so we can do this kind of stuff without worrying about being anywhere by 5pm. This week so far, we’ve went to Irvine Park and The Ice Age Center. The boys had SO much fun!

I only captured images of them at the petting zoo while at Irvine, but we also had a picnic, played on a playground and went to the splash pad.

I was actually a little hesitant to go to the Ice Age Center because I truly thought that the minute we walked in they’d look at me and say “this is it!?” But no! They had SO MUCH FUN! Before we even left they were asking if we could come back again before summer is done.They went on a scavenger hunt in the building to find various animals. Ascher LOVED it and really put a lot of effort into making sure he was finding the right animal before he checked it off his list. Landon liked it a little, but he was so into the glacier section of the Center that he seriously stood and stared at the informational videos for EVER. Because science. Jude was just thrilled to be included- and he found an acorn. Ha! The boys all got to hold a snake (though Landon started to panic after the snake bit the worker helping him) AND they also held a turtle (“like a sandwich” Landon reminded me several times.) After spending hours exploring the Center, we went on a hike through a small part of the Ice Age Trail- I couldn’t believe how enthralled with everything they were. I honestly thought they’d be upset from all the walking, but they had a blast. I can tell you though, if we do go back before school starts, we will be bringing bug spray for sure!


Yes, Jude kissed a goat.


And he also yelled at a goat. Fairly certain it was a friendly yell…..

2016-07-27_0003 2016-07-27_0004 2016-07-27_0005 2016-07-27_0006 2016-07-27_0007 2016-07-27_0008

My little scientists.

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He found an acorn. This was very exciting for him because an acorn was on his scavenger hunt in the Center, too.

2016-07-27_0021 2016-07-27_0022 2016-07-27_0023

Summer Fun

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