I’m always up for an awesome cup of coffee and if it comes with a great experience, even better. Well there’s a fairly new location in town that offers both, and I’m SO excited to share some information about them with you. I first heard about Jewelstone Cafe over lunch one day and it sounded like a place I needed to go check out.

I gave them a follow on Instagram and feel even more in love with them and their mission. Basically they donate 100% of their profits to homeless charities in the area. How great is that?? (read more about them on their site here.) And honestly their toffee nut latte was on of the best I’ve EVER had! Because I loved their mission so much, I got in touch and asked if they needed some photos done for their social media and website. I was super excited for the opportunity to help out when they said yes!

Here are a few images I was able to get when I went out there this past winter. If you are local, I highly suggest stopping out! 

Jewelstone Cafe

  1. Jordyn says:

    That is so neat, and these images are gorgeous!

  2. Maria says:

    Great post. Looking at that food made me hungry. ,:)

  3. Ashley Kapic says:

    Oh my!! These images are so colorful and inviting!!! This place look so charming!

  4. Mandy says:

    What an amazing place and so awesome of you to contribute to the cause by gifting them with the session so they have these beautiful images for their social media sites.

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