…Aaaand now for the fun part (drumroll please!). You may have heard about how people are earning the companion pass for BOGO flights? Well, It’s just read this right here to learn more! Here are a few of my easy to follow tips!

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BOGO Flight | What is the Companion Pass

The Southwest companion is essentially a way of getting buy one get one free flights for up to two years. There are no black out dates and very few restrictions. You only pay taxes, which are $5.60 per person each way domestically. They are a bit more internationally. When you earn the companion pass, you earn it for the rest of the year in which you receive it PLUS all of the following year!
This means if you earn your companion pass in February of 2024, you will have is February 2024 until December 31, 2025!!!
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How do you Earn BOGO Flights?

There are 2 ways to earn the companion pass
  1. You can fly 100 Southwest flights in a calendar year
  2. Earn 135,000 Southwest points in a calendar year. 
Unless they are a very frequent traveler for business, just about NO ONE earns the companion pass by flying 100 flights in a year.
So then how do you get 135,000 points?

Using credit card bonuses to earn points for the companion pass.

I know.. I was hesitant myself when I first started to read about using credit card bonus to travel.. I mean don’t they have an annual fee (they do). Don’t they impact your credit? (YES- positively if you are paying them off monthly!)
If you have good credit and will pay your card off fully every month, this is completely a great method for you. If you struggle to pay your card, you may want to look into other ways, and that is OK- do what is right for you. I am NOT a financial advisor, but am speaking instead from my experience and what I have learned in the travel community.
If you want to give it a try, check follow along for how to do it!tropic drink and coast images, a free travel hacking vacation. Family in the ocean. Panoramic photo of Myrtle Beach from a travel hacked vacation with a family

How to Earn BOGO Flights

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