I remember how difficult and scary ring shots used to feel! I remember the first time I *thought* I nailed one. And I say thought, because looking back, it was definitely moving in the right direction, but I wish I could go back and share some of these tips with myself. Honestly, it took me […]

Let’s face it, wedding days can be stressful!  You plan and plan for this one perfect day, it is a lot of pressure! You want to remember this day as everything you’ve been dreaming of and you want all your guests to have the best time. Here’s a bonus tip: if you let yourself relax, you will […]

I am sure you have seen all those adorable Instagram highlight icons out there.  You know.  These…. The good news? Not only are these icons SUPER CUTE, they are actually SO easy to make! I actually made mine this past summer while watching my boys at swim lessons. Quick and easy! Here’s now 1. Download […]

The weather was beautiful and the light was golden! Not only were the locations and the light beautiful. Literally every photo I started to jump around and oooh and ahh! I couldn’t help it , everything just came together perfectly! We had been planning for overcast weather an