I’m always up for an awesome cup of coffee and if it comes with a great experience, even better. Well there’s a fairly new location in town that offers both, and I’m SO excited to share some information about them with you. I first heard about Jewelstone Cafe over lunch one day and it sounded […]

Ohhh I was so lucky to be able to shoot this blossom filled engagement session with Jennifer and Jason last night!! The blossoms were beautiful and screamed Spring!! And Jennifer and Jason were simply a joy to be around. Jason claimed he didn’t like photos, but if I’m being honest, he was amazing! Jennifer actually […]

Oh my gosh!!! Did I have the PERFECT time at Chelsea and Corey’s spring Eau Claire engagement session?! It was an absolutely beautiful night. That on its own can be a huge deal in mid-May in Wisconsin. We went to fun and gorgeous locations with stunning (like the BEST) light. But even better- I got […]

The things you don’t think about until you own a photography business, am I right? Do I watermark my images or not? How many forms of social media do I really need to use (I’m still trying to learn the right answer to this!). What should I use as my business profile photo on social […]

This is such a fun and unique time in couples’ lives! And I LOVE that I get to be there throughout so much of it. However, when it comes to Choosing a location for your engagement session, we noticed that a lot of people seem unsure or ask for my help picking places. I LOVE […]

To say I had an absolute blast at Candace and David’s Eau Claire engagement session would be a huge understatement. We enjoyed the beautiful Spring weather and laughed so much the entire time! And did we luck out with weather!! When I spoke with Candace a month ago, we didn’t know if we’d be dealing […]

I was so fortunate to be able to spend Tuesday night with Haley and Jerame for their Wisconsin winter engagement session. They got engaged about a month and a half about (January 25) and are SO adorable and perfect together. And they are just the sweetest couple EVER! I’m so grateful that they were able […]

Tyler and I rarely get to travel alone together. In fact I don’t know if we have went anywhere alone since our Honeymoon…10 years ago. However, we just booked our anniversary trip and we could NOT be more excited! We booked our trip through Pack Up and Go , they are a “surprise travel agency.” […]

I remember how difficult and scary ring shots used to feel! I remember the first time I *thought* I nailed one. And I say thought, because looking back, it was definitely moving in the right direction, but I wish I could go back and share some of these tips with myself. Honestly, it took me […]

Let’s face it, wedding days can be stressful!  You plan and plan for this one perfect day, it is a lot of pressure! You want to remember this day as everything you’ve been dreaming of and you want all your guests to have the best time. Here’s a bonus tip: if you let yourself relax, you will […]